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Bringing Luka home (New Zealand)

The story of our Angel – Luka Pixie Morris 13 December 2012 My name is Ashleigh. I am 31 years old. I have two children – Maya, 12years, and Jakob, 9years. I am no longer with their dad. My darling partner Shane and I, we have an Angel – Luka. My pregnancy with Luka was…

Bringing Connor Home (New Zealand)

My Lil Angel Connor My son was kicking in my belly from 14 weeks into my pregnancy; he made himself known from very early on. We were very nervous from the start as I had bleeding for the first 12 weeks and also suffered a missed miscarriage six years before. I imagined him to be…

Bringing Tabitha-Rose Home (New Zealand)

Flip through the slides below to see Laura and Bryon’s photos of their daughter, Tabitha-Rose, and their time together when they brought Tabitha-Rose home for a few days after she died.

Bringing Raja Home (New Zealand)

Click the image or this link in order to watch the documentary, “Five Hours With Raja” (47mins). Baby Raja was diagnosed with a fatal birth defect and his parents, Claudia and Amit chose to carry him to term, even though they knew that his diagnosis meant that he would die during or shortly after birth….

Bringing Emily Home (New Zealand)

This is a video about the life and death of Emily Thomas. Her parents brought her home, and this video includes images of their time together in the hospital, at home, and at Emily’s funeral.